Creator Of Original Macintosh System Icons Makes A New Sticker Pack For Path App


Makes me hungry just looking at them.
Makes me hungry just looking at them.

Personal social networking app, Path, just released a new icon set into its sticker shop today, called “Iconic Bites.” While the stickers are adorable little bite-sized, pixel-chic representations of food and such, what really makes them cool is that they were created by none other than Susan Kare, the designer of the original Macintosh system icons.

The Path blog posted an interesting interview with her, as well, in which she talks about how her long experience in the design industry has influenced her current designs.

Kare started working part time at a science museum when she was 14 years old, and hasn’t stopped since. She was brought into the Apple fold by ANdy Hertzfeld, someone she met in high school in Philadelphia. She loved “the quest for the ideal metaphor” when creating bitmap graphics, which led her to work for Apple on the MAcintosh, the first computer designed for use by a non-technical audience.

She worked with Path’s Dave Morin on a bunch of logo projects, and he called her when Path began working on the sticker pack feature. She designed the iconic food stickers using a limited grid so that they could be used both literally and creatively, to “add some visual shorthand and humor to messages.” She goes on to say that her own car has a ton of stickers on it, so designing virtual ones seemed a perfect fit.

Also, apparently, Paul Rand is her design hero, inspiring Kare to “create solutions to design problems that are meaningful and memorable.”

See the whole interview at the Path Blog, and be sure to check out the Shop in Path if you use the app. The Iconic Bites pack is just $1.99 as an in-app purchase.

Source: Path Blog