Bazzillion-Filter FX Photo Studio for iPhone Free Today Only [Daily Freebie]




There’re few photo apps better than MacPhun’s FX Photo Studio for the casual photographer. It’s got a pretty interface, it’s super-simple to use and it’s stuffed with way more filters than any other iPhone app at the App Store (pretty sure this is true; if you think you know of one with more filters, let me know). Normally the app is $2, but today it’s free.

There’s no watered-down, pay-to-play nonsense here. Yes, the app offers in-app purchases for more filters, but it comes with more — way more — than 100 filters out of the box. Sure, some of them are kinda lame; but with so many, everyone should find at least a couple dozen they really like to play with.

Then there’re are the other great features, like being able to open photos from Facebook or from documents on your iPhone to work on; and the ability to grayscale your image, then selectively color certain sections. The other editing controls are fairly simple, but that doesn’t matter — it’s the effects that are key here.

There’s also an HD iPad version, unfortunately not on sale today.