Free Project Collaboration App Moxtra Now Collaborates With Evernote and Salesforce




Moxtra is a great, free app that allows groups of users to collaborate using files — video clips, images, PDFs — that they’ve stored in virtual notebooks; some collaboration can even be conducted in realtime.

Back in January, when Moxtra launched, I described the app as a sort of Evernote-Pinterest blend. Now there’s even more blending with the former, because Evernote has added Moxtra integration.

The new features lets Evernote users access their Moxtra binders and add voiceovers or annotations to notes, which can then be exported back to Evernote.

Moxtra also now adds features to Salesforce, allowing users to share Moxtra-stored files with Salesforce contacts and collaborate in realtime on both Moxtra files and docs stored in Salesforce.