Wunderlist Pro Launching Soon With Collaborative Task Management



6Wunderkinder’s popular task management app, Wunderlist, is about to go pro. Don’t worry, the current version will remain free on all platforms. Wunderlist Pro is coming for those interested in collaborative task management with a team. The goal is to make assigning tasks to different people “downright simple and a lot more productive.”

Wunderlist Pro will cost $5 per month or $50 per year. Besides assigning tasks, users will be able to add unlimited subtasks and use new app backgrounds. 6Wunderkinder is keeping pretty quiet about what else the software will have in tow, as this 1.0 release is intended to be a “launching pad” for adding more pro features down the road.

“With Wunderlist Pro we are investing all our energy in making collaboration right for everyone, no matter if you are working within a large team at the office or small one at home,” said 6Wunderkinder. “We have thoroughly analyzed all your feedback to understand what makes a collaboration tool great and not just good. That’s why we’re starting with a simple yet beautiful and easy to use feature-set.”

The rollout begins next week, depending on how soon it takes Apple to approve the app. Wunderlist Pro will be available on the iPhone, iPad, Mac and web first. Android and Windows support coming later.

Source: 6Wunderkinder