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What’s Wrong With This Video Of 10,000 iPhone 5’s Being Used As Dominoes?


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This video (found after the jump) of 10,000 iPhone 5 dominoes toppling over one another in a long, complicated course is cool, but it’s a huge fakeout, for the following reasons.

1) The reason domino videos are cool is because of the work that goes into them: someone painstakenly set-up thousands of dominos without knocking them over, probably over the course of many hours. This video features CGI iPhones as dominoes, eliminating the very thing that is cool about dominoes to begin with.

2) These iPhones aren’t supposed to be iPhone 5’s, but 10,000 iPhone 5S’s, equipped with NFC so they can feel when they “bump” each other. That’s an interesting idea, but there’s little chance the iPhone 5S will have NFC… and the effect these guys are showing off could actually be accomplished with the current iPhone’s accelerometer.

Still worth a watch, but nowhere near as impressive as if they’d used $6.5 million worth of real iPhones, is it?

Via: NWE