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Mailplane Puts Gmail And Google Calendar On Your Mac Desktop



I have used Mailplane on and off for years. I love that it turns the great Gmail interface into a proper desktop app, complete with drag-and-drop attachments, notifications and an icon in the dock and tab switcher. But I never liked its super power of spinning the CPU of my Mac at all times, even when supposedly idle.

Now v3.0 is out, and it seems to have solved the latter problem, while adding a few new features.

Mailplane 3 has been completely redesigned. Not that you’d notice it, as the app is really little more than a frame for Gmail, with a bunch of hooks to make it behave like a real app. It has support for multiple accounts (which you can have open in multiple tabs), and you can also keep a tab open showing your calendar.

Dragging attachments into the window still works, you can choose a destination folder for your mail attachment downloads, and QuickLook support means you might not need to download them at all.

Interested? I am – it’s perfect for my minimal MacBook Air setup as it uses almost no space on my SSD. There’s two-week trial, and the app costs a mere $25 to buy.

Source: Mailplane