Funny Or Die’s ‘iSteve’ Movie Now Available For Free Online


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The time has come. Funny or Die’s Steve Jobs mockumentary featuring Justin Long has arrived. iSteve is available for streaming in non-Apple-friendly-Flash on Funny or Die’s website. The “biopic” lasts about 80 minutes.

Warning: It is not as hilarious as we thought it might be. In fact, it’s pretty bad. It’s also historically inaccurate in many, many ways. I barely made it through the first 10 minutes. Kudos to you if you can finish. Ashton Kutcher’s JOBS is starting to look a lot more legitimate.

Source: Funny or Die

  • SupaMac

    …nevermind, didn’t see that obvious “source” graphic.

  • SupaMac

    WAIT! STOP THE PRESSES! You’re telling me that a comedic spoof is “historically inaccurate in many, many ways”?!?!?!

    OH MY GOD! Say it ain’t so!!!

  • KevinCrossman

    It certainly isn’t a great film, though given the five day shooting schedule I have to say it’s not as historically inaccurate as you might think. Some of the tone feels right to me, even if the facts aren’t true. I really thought the Jack Tramiel character was great! I definitely chuckled a number of times.

  • Zeteboy

    In flash? No thanks.

  • technochick

    Its Funny or Die, of course it’s wont be historically accurate. Accurate to the alleged history perhaps, which is typical of spoofs. But not the real history.

  • technochick

    In flash? No thanks.

    Alex didn’t bother mentioning they have an app. So you may have another option

    I’m watching it on my iPad, seems fitting. Or I will be in a few minutes