Adobe’s Biggest Advocate For Flash Is Now Making The iWatch Software [Rumor]



When Apple hired former Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch — yes, the same guy who watched and lamely whined while Apple basically killed Flash by declaring it a wholly unnecessary and archaic web technology that had no place in the mobile age of computing — there was a lot of head scratching. What would Kevin Lynch be doing at Apple?

Well, here’s one theory: he’s heading a team made up largely of former iPod employees, and he’s working on the iWatch.

French site Macgeneration is suggesting this morning that according to their information, Lynch is working directly under the auspices of Bob Mansfield.

Reporting to him are Robert Curtis and Steven Bollinger. Curtis is one of the main architests of the firmware of the iPod, and could be an invaluable person to have on the team trying to come up with an operating system nimble enough to live on your wrist. As for Bollinger, he’s cited in a bunch of patents involving touch screen’s and Apple music player. Again, a guy you’d want on an iWatch team.

MacGeneration doesn’t know more, but certainly, these rumors are juicy if true. We already know that Jony Ive supposedly has a team of one hundred engineers reporting to him in designing the iWatch; perhaps Kevin Lynch is the software side of that equation.

Source: MacGeneration

  • technochick

    Get off Lynch and the whole Adobe thing. It was part of his job.

    And no one knows what Lynch is doing. It’s all just rumors. Just like the whole iwatch t this point