Is Hama’s Wi-Fi-Enabled SD-Card Reader The Most Pointless Gadget Ever?



Hama’s descriptively-named Wi-Fi SD/USB Data Reader for Apple Devices seems to be solving a problem that doesn’t exist. To wit: you stick your photo-filled SD card (or USB stick) into this ~$100 box and it will beam the contents back to your Mac or iPad, all over the conveniently slow Wi-Fi network.

Why? The blurb says this battery-operated device is “ideal for Apple devices with no possibilities of connection,” but what does that mean exactly? If your MacBook lacks an SD card reader then you can buy one for a lot less that this. And even the overpriced camera connection kit is a bargain in comparison.

And you still have to take the SD card out of your camera to access it. Surely you’d be better off investing in an Eye-Fi card or something like that instead, letting you beam photos dirt to your device as you take them.

Still, I’m sure there’s somebody who will find a need for this. If it’s you, let me know – I’m not trying to be a dick or anything; I just really don’t see the point.

Source: Hama

Via: Petapixel

  • technochick

    If it just read SD cards, yes. If it reads and makes CF cards work with the iPad then no