Spotify Launches “Follow” Tab On The Desktop To Help With Music Discovery


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Spotify has released an update to its desktop app that adds a new “Follow” tab on the left sidebar. This feature started slowly rolling out to users late last year, and now it should be available for everyone. Opening Spotify on the Mac should cause the app to want to install a new update and restart. Then the Follow tab will be available.

Services like Spotify and Rdio take great pride in helping their users discover new music, and Spotify’s Follow tab is meant to change the way you find new jams and interact with other users. It replaces the useless “People” tab with friends to follow and tailored recommendations.

You can see what your Facebook friends are listening to on Spotify and choose to follow certain people and playlists. Recommendations based on what your friends are listening to also appear above featured artists.

Here’s a new video Spotify is using to promote its Follow feature with the band Phoenix:

Another thing Spotify is working on is the “Discover” tab, but we can’t find it anywhere on the desktop, mobile, or web app.

Source: Spotify

Via: The Next Web