Beautiful Acoustic iPhone Speaker Dock — With DIY Plans



You could easily make your own iPhone amplifier dock from a shoebox. Or better, an old wooden wine case. Or best of all, you could get out your clamps, drills, router and hot glue and go medieval on some pile of wood’s ass. If you choose the latter route, then you should download the plans (totally SFW) from Renee at Red Bird Blue – her amazing creation is what you see in the picture above.

Just sticking your iPhone speaker-down in a cup will boost its sound, but that can be dangerous (I once put a one-day-old phone into a glass on the backbar of a cocktail bar I worked in in London. A few hours into the shift and I cracked a bottle of Kahlua when I pulled it off a shelf and flood the glass with sticky brown gunk. The phone was ruined).

Iphone amp detail

So instead you should fashion this hot-looking box and drop your iPhone in there. No batteries to charge, no no Bluetooth to pair, no cables to hook up. Just pure, air-bending acoustic amplification. The woodworking skills needed for this are beyond me (that’s not exactly true: My woodworking skills are totally up to scratch – I’m just too lazy to spend any time using them), so I might just run a router across the top of the aforementioned wine case and see how that goes instead.

Source: Red Bird Blue

Via: Apartment Therapy