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Accessory Maker With Direct Links To Foxconn Says The iPhone 5S Is Coming In June



A “confidential presentation” that outlines the upcoming product plans for a manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China, suggests the iPhone 5S could launch in June this year. Most rumors have suggested the device wouldn’t arrive until this fall, around 12 months after the iPhone 5, but an accessory manufacturer with direct links to Foxconn is confident it’ll be here much earlier.

The presentation includes a whole bunch of “iPhone 5S” accessories, including cases, chargers, and Qi-enabled wireless charging dongles. While Chinese accessory manufacturers have never been a reliable source of information for upcoming Apple products, this one in particular appears to have a relationship with Foxconn, which assembles all of Apple’s iOS devices.

TechCrunch reports:

Leaks like this are obviously par for the course when it comes to Shenzhen manufacturers – they usually follow the same rumors we do – but this manufacturer has an interesting inside track to Foxconn, promising “synchronization” with the Apple release in June.

The company also boasts about Apple certification in its presentation, and having worked directly with Foxconn to ensure its products are ready upon the launch of new devices.

We always see cases leaking ahead of new Apple launches. Manufacturers are eager to be first to market with their own accessories, so they follow the rumors that circulate prior to Apple announcements and then make products based on the information they have.

But this kind of leak, which mentions a launch date and direct contact with Foxconn, is unheard of. It suggests that Foxconn may have contact with certain, trusted accessory manufacturers that Apple may not know about, and that it’s providing genuine information ahead of product launches.

Apple used to announce its iPhones in June at WWDC, but it switched to a fall launch for the iPhone 4S and it’s been sticking to it since. We didn’t expect this to change for the iPhone 5S, but this leak indicates we could be wrong, and that the next-generation iPhone could arrive much earlier this year.

There’s still a good chance that this information is completely incorrect, of course. But it’s certainly the most convincing iPhone 5S leak we’ve seen so far.

Source: TechCrunch