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Cellhelmet For iPhone 5 Is The Only Case With Accidental Damage Cover [Review]



The cellhelmet for iPhone 5 is the world’s only case that comes with one year of protection against accidental damage. If you drop your iPhone and it breaks while inside the cellhelmet, its makers, cellpig, will have it repaired or replaced for free — all you pay is the $50 handling fee.

cellhelmet by cellpig
Category: Cases
Works With: iPhone 5
Price: $49.99

That’s how confident cellpig are in the cellhelmet’s ability to keep your iPhone protected. The case itself costs $49.99, which is a little costly when you compare it to other iPhone cases of its kind. But because of the accidental damage cover, it negates the need for a dedicated insurance plan, so you’re still saving yourself a small fortune in the long run.

The cellhelmet is made from a polyurethane plastic that covers the back and sides of your device, while providing access to all of its buttons and ports. It has a matte finish that promises not to attract lint, and it’s available in eight different colors.

How It Works

When you open up your cellhelmet case, you’ll receive a registration code which activates your one-year accidental damage warranty. You’ll need to register it within 30 days of your purchase, and once that’s done, your iPhone is covered against pretty much anything.

If your iPhone can’t be repaired, cellpig will have it replaced for free.

If it breaks while inside the cellhelmet, just call cellpig’s 24-hour helpline — which is operated by a real person — and tell them what’s happened, then they’ll arrange to get your handset fixed with one of 52 repair facilities throughout the United States.

The process will take a maximum of three business days. If your iPhone can’t be repaired, cellpig will have it replaced. You’re entitled to unlimited repairs during the one-year warranty, and one replacement.

Here’s what cellpig doesn’t cover: users outside of the U.S. and Canada, water damage, and scratched aluminum.

The latter shouldn’t be an issue, because none of your iPhone’s aluminum is exposed when it’s inside the cellhelmet case. But you’ll have to watch your iPhone around water. This is the only disadvantage to choosing the cellhelmet over a dedicated insurance plan.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s move onto the case itself.

The Good

The cellhelmet name is embedded in the back.
The cellhelmet name is embedded in the back.

The cellhelmet is a little thicker than most TPU cases for the iPhone, but it’s not too thick. Because your device is so thin and light anyway, you can afford to add some protection without making it feel too big and bulky. This just means that the cellhelmet is more likely to keep your iPhone in one piece when it takes a tumble — which is bound to happen at some point.

Unlike its predecessor for the iPhone 4/4S, the cellhelmet for iPhone 5 doesn’t cover the section beneath your iPhone’s display — it stops under the home button rather than above it. Personally, I think this makes it look a lot prettier.

In fact, the new cellhelmet is better looking than the old one in almost every way. It comes in some great colors — I’ve been using the green one — and it’s transparent enough to see your iPhone’s details underneath.

Its matte finish means you don’t see fingerprints, while its chamfered edges make it comfortable to hold — providing you hold it in a certain way (more on this below). Your volume buttons are left exposed, as is your mute switch, so they’re easy to access.

The cellhelmet provides plenty of room for your rear-facing camera, and taking photos with the flash won’t produce any nasty reflections.

The Bad

The cellhelmet cover your iPhone’s sleep/wake button in an effort to protect it, which is great. The only problem is, its thick TPU makes it a little difficult to press, so you’ll need to give it a fairly firm push. I think I would have preferred to have the home button exposed just like the volume buttons.

A little rough around the bottom.
A little rough around the bottom.

The other downside to the cellhelmet is that its bottom edge is a little rough. I usually rest my iPhone on my little finger when I’m using it — not only because it’s comfortable, but because it prevents it from slipping out of my hand and onto the flaw. But the cellhelmet digs into my finger and feels uncomfortable after a little while. I’ve been meaning to grab a sharp knife and carefully shave off the rough edges.

Finally, because the cellhelmet is so snug around your headphone jack some third-party headphones may not fit. Apple’s EarPods fit just fine, but I have a pair of old Sony headphones that don’t — the headphone jack is just too think.

The Verdict

The cellhelmet may have a few minor annoyances, but it’s a good-looking case that’s going to keep your iPhone protected. And given that it’s the world’s only iPhone case to come with accidental damage cover, it’s hard not to recommend it. No one else is going to give a great case and a year of unlimited repairs for $50.

If you’re a clumsy iPhone user who’s forever dropping things, the cellhelmet is the case for you.

Product Name: cellhelmet
The Good: Good-looking, strong, and protective. The only iPhone case with accidental damage cover.
The Bad: A little rough along the bottom edge, and you’ll need a strong finger to use the sleep/wake button.
The Verdict: The accidental damage cover alone makes it worth the $49.99, but it’s also a great case that looks good.
Buy from: cellpig



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