Apple Sends Out Email To Brag About Ninth Straight J.D. Power And Associates Award




Apple’s getting a lot more aggressive with its marketing campaign against Android. After debuting its “Why iPhone” webpage last Saturday, Apple has a snarky little update for all the iPhone haters.

Apple just sent out an email bragging about the 9th consecutive J.D. Power and Associates award the iPhone received yesterday. They even updated the website too by crossing out the ‘eight’ and writing a ‘nine’ above it. Very minimalist. Sir Jony Ive will be pleased.


Source: Apple

  • worldinneed

    Yea but that crossout is skeuomorphic

  • RaptorOO7

    Well Apple users tend to be blind towards anything negative on Apple so really, its not much to tout. Lets talk about quality control, customer service at the store where people are refused support on defective home buttons, bad power buttons, headphone jacks that are faulty. A friend of mine had an iPhone 4 that was 1 month out of warranty and the headphone jack was having issues and is a KNOWN issue as well and they flat out refused to do anything other than sell her a refurbished unit for $250. I told her to save her money and wait for her upgrade to something else.