Why Apple’s Reason For Kicking A Sweatshop Game Out Of The App Store Is Total Hypocrisy


  • Steven Quan

    Apple feels inclined to do this because of the unfair backlash they receive for their workers overseas. Many people like Mike Daisey and publishers like “This American Life” go out of their way to publish factually inaccurate articles about unfair labor practices at factories making Apple products. Feel free to Google it if you like. “This American Life” actually retracted their article but many other publications in big markets like New York continue to publish fabricated stories.

    Apple is not a litigious company. If they were, they would go after these publishing companies in New York and punish people like Mike Daisey who have tarnished their image. But the fact is, people who try to make a fast buck by throwing dirt on the Apple logo can do as they please and can continue to spout their lies and deceit while everyone buys their story.

    The suicide stories are also complete hogwash. Foxconn makes the majority of Apple products but they also make product for other companies as well, it’s not just Apple. They have more than 700,000 employees. That’s a small city. Population of Columbus, Ohio is roughly 780,000 people in 2011. How many suicide do you think happened in Columbus, Ohio in one year? That’s right, probably more than the 18 suicides that happened in more than one years time at Foxconn. Chinese are people too, they have problems like any others.

    As far as this game goes it looks cute! I like it. I don’t know if I would download it but Apple is being too sensitive about it. They should let it stay and let people enjoy it because it looks like a fun and cute game.