Apple’s Data Centers Now Running On 100% Renewable Energy




Following heavy complaints from activist groups like Greenpeace, Apple announced last year that all of its data centers would be powered by 100% renewable energy by 2013.

Apple just updated their Environmental Policies webpage to report that as of now, all its data centers are running on 100% renewable energy.

As reported by Bloomberg, all the company’s data centers run on either, solar, wind, or geothermal energy rather than coal or fossil fuels.

Apple reports that its facilities in Newark, California just hit the 100% renewable energy milestone in January 2013, when it began to use wind energy as its primary power source. Other Apple data centers across the U.S. have made the switch to renewable energy as well.

Apple’s giant data center in Maiden, North Carolina has the nation’s largest end user-owned, onsite solar photovoltaic array in the U.S. It was just completed in December 2012 and generates 60% of the data center’s energy on site.


Source: Apple

Via: Bloomberg

  • daov2a

    Incorrect. They state they are working toward 100% and are at about 75% but a number of their facilities are at 100% already.

  • Gadget

    Please don’t take credit Greenpeace. Apple was doing this before you opened your fat mouth.