Heavy-Duty Do Not Disturb iPhone App ‘Call Bliss’ Adds Blacklist, Maps




Call Bliss is an app with its own, industrial-strength take on the iPhone’s newish Do Not Disturb feature. It takes Apple’s basic concept — blocking calls with the flick of a switch, or only letting through calls from selected contacts — and infuses it with management features and more powerful options. And now the app adds two more tricks.

One of the app’s new features turns the iPhone’s Do Not Disturb feature on its head: Instead of letting only certain contacts through, as DND does when it’s switched on, Call Bliss will let you create a blacklist that will let everyone through except the contacts you want to specifically block — great for silencing editors bill collectors. Of course, Call Bliss can still function as DND does, letting through only a select few.

Another big feature of Call Bliss is its ability to create lists of people to let through or not. This isn’t new, it’s actually one of the app’s core features. What is new, though, is the ability to add Places on a map; arriving or leaving these places can then activate or deactivate the app’s custom lists.

Call Bliss is $3 at the App Store.