Add Handy Shortcuts To Notification Center With Compose And Kamera [Jailbreak]



Wish you could do more with Notification Center in iOS 6? Besides the couple of stock widgets Apple includes, there isn’t a lot of functionality to be found. On my iPhone, it usually feels like a waste of space. What if you could compose an email or quickly access your camera alongside notifications?

Jailbreaking allows you to do that and more, thanks to a couple of handy Cydia tweaks.

The first tweak is called Compose, and it adds the Mail, Messages, Twitter, and Facebook shortcuts you see above. Each button accesses Apple’s respective sharing sheets in iOS 6, so the experience feels pretty native. Tapping “New Mail” launches the Mail app with a blank message.

Kamera gives you quick access to your iPhone’s front and rear camera. A neat feature is that tapping and holding on a button opens the camera in video mode.

Both of these tweaks have no settings to configure, and you won’t see them in Notification Center right when you install. You’ll need to open the Settings app, visit Notifications, scroll to the bottom, and toggle each new widget on to enable. Then you’ll see the new buttons show up when you pull down to reveal Notification Center.

Compose and Karmera are made by the same jailbreak developer, and they’re both free in Cydia.

  • jpadhiyar

    Compose has been updated actually. Now when you tap on New Message, it opens up the new message screen right within the Notification Center!