Is This What A Cheap iPhone In Different Colors Would Look Like? [Image]



We keep hearing rumors that the iPhone 5S is going to come to us in a rainbow of different color options. While we find it hard to believe that Apple will colorize the iPhone 5S, we do think the rumored cheaper iPhone, with it’s plastic or carbon fiber body, would be perfect for colorization.

Concept artist Martin Hajek has a few new renders of what a colorful iPhone 5S or cheap iPhone would look like. Basically, it looks a lot like the current iPod Touch in a good way. Having the option to choose blue or red iPhone would be a lot better than just black or white, but do you guys think Apple is actually going to colorize the iPhone?

Take a look at the pictures below and tell us what you think:








Source: iPhoneClub

  • chrisrenaldi

    yes as long as the lower end iPhones are still quality built and have that Apple feel that other companies just don’t get, the new lower end COLOR versions should be a BIG-HIT! the iPhone5s or 6 High-end phones will still be the choice for those with resources to get one! COLOR COLOR COLOR!

  • nicehhan

    I like the idea, but I prefer the use of white around the screen, as on the iPod touch, rather than all colour as in the renders above.