Apple Won’t Give Us The Retina iPad Mini This Spring Because The Low-Res Model Is Still Selling Like Crazy



There’s never been much chance that Apple was going to release a new iPad mini with Retina display before later this year.

Although it’s true that Apple refreshed the fourth-gen iPad last just eight months after introducing the third-gen iPad, that refresh had the hallmark of being an exception aimed at making sure every iOS device was compatible with the new Lightning cable.

So it’s unlikely we’re going to see a Retina iPad mini this spring, and here’s further proof: current iPad mini sales aren’t tapering off, giving Apple no reason to upgrade their mini any earlier than necessary.

According to a report from CNYes, Apple has not seen a significant decline in iPad mini sales since the tablet’s debut. There’s just no reason to upgrade it yet, at least from Apple’s perspective: customers are perfectly happy with the current model.

What CNYes envisions, then, is that the iPad mini will be updated about a year after it debuted. They do not think it will change significantly in form factor, even though it will gain a Retina display (Apple can achieve this by using an A5X SoC fabricated with a much smaller process, as well as the use of a Sharp IGZO display; these steps can prevent the additional battery bulk we saw with the third-gen iPad).

They also think that the fifth-generation iPad featuring a redesigned aluminum alloy case and a thinner bezel will debut then as well. Makes sense to me.

Source: CNYes
Via: AppAdvice

  • Janneus

    Apple can’t permit such an attitude. They shouldn’t refresh a product only because sales start to drop down, they should refresh a product because they can make a better product. Apple says that’s what Apple is about and it’s the only way not to fall behind the competition.

  • RadTech5000

    That’s 100% correct Apple will continue to innovate and make better products continuously. Apple does not fear cannibalization and they made this quite clear to everyone.

  • Whodakat

    For your exact reasons, I think they will release a new redesigned full size iPad this April. The mini is all the new hotness and the old iPad is sad and bulky. Ok, its still awesome, but its not selling as well as the mini, and what else is Apple going to release in the spring? Needs to be something, they can’t wait every year until July to release something, thats a whole wasted half a year!