iOS Devices On Top Of The Clouds As The Most Popular Way To Use In-Flight Internet


Go go gadget internet!
Go go gadget internet!

In-Flight Wi-Fi service, Gogo, released some numbers today on their blog, showing that Apple devices are still the most popular way passengers are accessing the internet via the service while flying above 10,000 feet.

Tablets and smartphones, according to Gogo, make up 67 percent of the devices used to connect to the Wi-Fi service on airplanes. Tablets themselves are the most popular, with 35 percent, closely followed by 33 percent of folks using laptops and 32 percent using smartphones for their mile-high internet surfing sessions.

It gets even more interesting when you break down which tablets and smartphones are being used.

Gogo says that 84 percent of all mobile devices used to connect to the Gogo Wi-Fi service are iPads, with Android tablets hitting only 16 percent of users. The iPhone makes up 73 percent of the internet access population, while Android devices make up 26 percent. Blackberry and Windows devices make up less than one percent of in-air access devices, which isn’t super surprising, to be honest.

It’s obviously hard to attribute a cause to these numbers. Are iOS users more likely to buy expensive Wi-Fi on planes? Do Android folks use expanded storage so they don’t need to use the internet? It’s tough to say, and Gogo makes no attempt to fan the flames on either side.

What they are saying, however, is what people are doing on the internet once connected via their iPads and iPhones. They’re surfing the web, checking email, getting on social media sites, checking sports scores, and–yes–shopping. Apparently, some passengers are so organized, they’re even checking their destination weather, options for entertainment, and directions to place nearby. I have never been that organized, so I’m glad they’re not checking my internet usage.

Click on the link above for the full infographic on internet use via Gogo in-flight WiFi.

Source: Gogo Blog
Via: CNet