Duobuds Stack Multiple Headphones Into A Single Socket



The db on these headphones stands not for douche-bag but for Duobuds. And now you’ll have no excuse not to share your music when somebody asks — unless you’re the d-bag, that is.

The Duobuds look like any other pair of low-rent earbuds, the kind you’ll find infesting the shelves of any and every department and electronics store. The difference is that the jack plug is also a Jill plug, as it were, able to give and receive at the same time. Or maybe it’s a Steve plug… anyway.

Using this clever design, you can stack any number of pairs of headphones into one jack-hole, although if I remember my high-school physics properly (and I really don’t) then the signal is going to get spread out amongst the listeners. Or maybe not.

I use a jack splitter in one situation only – when traveling with The Lady. With this tiny y-shaped widget we can both watch the same episodes of the Big Bang Theory as we fly or ride the bus. That’s romance, folks.

For The Kids Today, though, who probably share music the way the kids in my day shared saliva and cheap cider, these could be ideal. Then again, I know as much about modern youth as I do about the differing effects on resistance of parallel and series-wired circuits. Which is “enough to get me into trouble.”

Want some? $40 will buy you a single set.

Source: Duobuds

Via: Andrew Liszewski

  • joewaylo

    Unless of course you have six ears.