Spotify Makes iPhone App More User Friendly With Sidebar And Now Playing Bar


Spotify iPhone update

Spotify has released a major update to its iPhone app that introduces a couple of nice user interface changes.

The app now features a sidebar that can be accessed by swiping from left to right, like Facebook’s iOS app. From the new sidebar menu you can quickly access search, new releases, radio, playlists, your inbox, friends list, and settings. You can swipe to reveal the left sidebar anywhere in the app expect when a song is filling the screen.

Another big addition is a “Now Playing” bar that sits at the bottom of the app. Whatever you’re listening to is displayed, and you can swipe the bar to switch through tracks. Tapping the right “Hide” button in a track’s extended view quickly takes you back to the menu you were just in. In the past, you had to tap the album artwork and then another button to get out of the extended view.

Tapping the “…” next to each track in a playlist reveals a redesigned context menu that lets you add to a playlist, star, share, etc. There are also some bug fixes and overall stability improvements.

Spotify is only available on mobile devices for Premium subscribers. The app download is free, but using it on your iPhone costs $10 per month.

Source: App Store

  • Hawk_Ky

    I really wish they would bring back the ability to re-order playlists from the app. You used to be able to do it, but now you can only delete tracks.