This Ultra Thin iPhone 5 Charger Can Fit Inside Your Wallet



Keeping a cable on you at all times to charge your iPhone is a pain in the ass, mostly because the wires get all tangled and they take up too much space.

Last summer we saw the nifty Kickstarter project called ChargeCard that aimed to put an iPhone charging cable in your wallet. Well the project got funded and is now ready to make its way to your wallet.

ChargeCard is a little credit card-sized device that has a 30-pin connector on one end, and then a tongue that pops out from the body that carries a USB connector on the other end. There’s also a version with a Micro-USB connector in case you have an Android phone.

The little device only costs $25 and just started shipping. An iPhone 5 version is in the works too that will have a Lightning connector on it. You can preorder the iPhone 5 model now for only $25 and it should ship in the middle of May.



Source: Chargecard

Via: Slashgear