Evasi0n Jailbreak Will Be Updated To Work With iOS 6.1.2


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iOS 6.1.2 is out now, quashing some battery life and Microsoft Exchange issues… but is it safe to update if you’re a jailbreaker?

Right now, the answer to that question is a qualified no. If you want to keep your jailbreak, you shouldn’t update yet, but according to Team Evad3rs member Planetbeing, iOS 6.1.2 will in all likelihood be jailbreakable in very quick time. [Update: Planetbeing now says that Evasi0n will be updated tonight with iOS 6.1.2 support!]

Tweeting from his official account, Planetbeing wrote that the Evasi0n tool will in all likelihood soon be updated to support iOS 6.1.2:

Not yet able to test all devices, but it’s looking good for 6.1.2. iPad mini wi-fi and iPhone 5 are still jailbreakable.

So cool your heels. iOS 6.1.2 should be hacked open in due time and you’ll be able to take advantage of all those sweet Cydia tweaks while also availing yourself of Apple’s latest iOS fixes. Hoorah!

Source: Twitter

  • PhilQ

    Working for cultofmac has to be one of the easiest jobs. All you have to do is hang around twitter and wait for one of the jailbreakers to tweet to get a story!

  • jonyzas

    Hello everyone, I am using my ipad 3 with IOS 5.1.1. which is jailbroken. Will the apps (not from Apple App store) remain after update to 6.1.2 and is jailbreak gonna still be working? Thanks for answers!