V-Moda’s M-100 Crossfade Headphones Look Sinister But Sound So Sweet [Review]



V-Moda likes to say their new Crossfade M-100s ($310) are the first pair of “crowdsourced” headphones on the market today. Put simply, that means they culled product feedback from forums and social media, and solicited input from audiophiles, journalists, and enthusiasts to create them.

I applaud the endeavor—working with so much public input definitely had the potential to backfire on them; have you seen the Homer car? But V-Moda, somehow, someway, was able to weave the wisps and whispers of public and professional feedback into a a set of headphones so good, they just earned the highest review score I’ve ever given.

The Good

Blacker than the Batwing and with the same armored-metal look, the V-Moda M-100s are nefariously good-looking and remind of what the Dark Knight himself would wear while crusading through the streets of Gotham. My review model came in a matte black finish, and also came with two detachable kevlar-wrapped cables, one black, one orange, which added adeptly to the M-100’s understated but handsome style.

The M-100s could withstand the daily punishment of even the most angst-filled teen

But these metallurgic scoundrels weren’t built to just look pretty. V-Moda used metal in the exterior, hinges, and construction of the M-100s so that they could withstand the daily punishment of even the most angst-filled teen. In fact, according V-Moda, the M-100s are built to withstand 70+ 6-foot drops and the abuse of over a million cable bends. I tend to believe those claims; the M-100s’ build quality feel military-grade, and I’m pretty sure they contain more metal than a new-model car.

V moda crossfade m 100 matte black headphones 5

Of course, none of the above would would matter if the sound quality of these crime-fighting BatPhones didn’t did deliver acoustics as pretty as their armored exterior.

With many headphone sets delivering sonic mush, I love it when the sound of a pair of headphones surprise me, and the M-100s definitely did that. When I first put them on, I hardly took them off for a straight 48 hours, wearing them most everywhere, most likely looking like the worst kind of acoustic snob. I didn’t care, I honestly felt compelled to keep them on because my music sounded so good through them.

When I first put them on, I hardly took them off for a straight 48 hours, wearing them most everywhere

Too many phones I’ve used pump out either too much bass or too little; I think the M-100s strike an astute balance, using bass as a strong support of the music, but not overpowering it. The bass, mids, and highs were also quite clean. I didn’t notice a lot of muddy notes floundering about, especially in the lower registers, and that made me happy. All in all, for the $300 the M-100s will cost you, you’d be hard-press to finder a better-sounding pair.

On to some other neato features; V-Moda calls the hinges on the M-100s ClickFold, and say this patent pending design is what allows the headphones to be folded up into such a small form-factor. Regardless of the marketese, they work brilliantly and function with a super satisfying “click” each time they’re opened or closed.

V moda crossfade m 100 matte black headphones 3
Folded, and small enough for a bag or big pocket.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, not one but two detachable cables are included with the M-100s. What I didn’t tell you though, is that with dual inputs, the M-100s can actually use both cables at the same time. This lets you mix two different sources of audio into the headphones (though I’m not sure why you’d want to do that), or instead let you to daisy-chain the M-100s together with other headphones, you know, in case a friend wants to jack in to your tunes.


Memory foam ear cushions provide the padding in the M-100s. They do a good job isolating outside noise when the music is up, but noise-canceling they are not. They are comfortable, though, for longer sessions of 2-3 hours, my ears did get a bit sore. But comfort is relative—your mileage may vary depending on your ear size.

The Bad

Why oh why does a company make headphones for mobile devices without volume controls

V moda crossfade m 100 matte black headphones 9
Play and pause, but no volume control. In 2013.

Why oh why does a company make headphones for mobile devices without volume controls on-wire, I do not know. V-Moda hath committed this sin, including a one-button control in-line on the M-100s that can be used to pause, start, or skip songs, but volume controls are relegated to the music device itself. But V-Moda isn’t the first to commit this grievous err, nor, I’m sure, will they be the last.

The Verdict

For their most excellent sound signature, beautiful and cool aesthetic, and obsessive attention to even the most mundane details, the V-Moda Crossfade M-100s have earned the highest honor I can bestow upon them here at Cult of Mac: the seldom issued five-star review. This is actually the first time I’ve given all five stars to one product, but the M-100s are worthy; among their peers in the $300 price range, I have seen no equal.


  • techboyjv

    The reason why they made it a one button is that it is compatable for more devices, since many people have devices other than apple, so actually that is a positive that it is a one button cable! But they offer the 3 button cable in the website. But anyway great review!

  • Scott Bruneau

    I bought a pair of these. VERY nice. Make music have new life. I DID have a problem with the 2 cables that came with it BOTH having shorts in them. The good is that the V Moda people replaced them no extra charge. A quality pair of cans made by a fine company. I love classical music and classical through these is just … awesome. They are worth the price in quality and the quality of their company.

  • Rangenade

    Additional infos : V-MODA sells BoomMic Pro cable which is a microphone attached to the cable itself if someone wanna game with the headphone

    Some customer complains abt the comfort because of the shallow M-100 speaker/drivers but the company is working on new cushions to solve the problem .

    Source : http://www.amazon.com/review/R3FUJYC12F2QHK/ref=cm_cr_pr_cmt?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B00A39PPI0&linkCode=&nodeID=&tag=#wasThisHelpful