SmartAlbum Adds Amazing Smart Photo Albums To Your iPad or iPhone



Ever wish that you could sort the photos on your iPad by… well, by anything? The Photos app lists everything by date, and won’t even tell you which pictures are JPGs and which are GIFs. And forget about sorting by camera model for your imported photos.

SmartAlbum, on the other hand, will do just that. And a more.

SmartAlbum (currently free) reads your photo library and puts all of your photos and videos into smart albums. The default searches separate out screenshots, JPG images, PNGs and movies, but you can also choose to add albums for GIFs, 1:1 images (square pictures – this is where you’ll find your saved Instagrams), panoramas and non-photo JPOGs.

You can toggle between a screen showing these albums, and one showing your regular albums from inside the Photos app. Better still, SmartAlbum isn’t actually importing your photos, so you don’t need to fill up your iPad with double copies of everything.

The neat thing is that these albums also get synced back to your camera roll, so you can see them there. You will need to launch SmartAlbum to update and repopulate those albums, but so what, right?

You can also create your own smart albums, which can search on a date, a camera model, a place or software (the app used to create the image). Multiple keywords can be put into the same search, and the contents is refreshed on the schedule you set in the apps preferences.

It’s pretty great. I have a filter that shows all photos taken with a “Panasonic,” which contains all pictures imported from my GF1.

As I said, the app is currently free, but even at its regular price of a dollar or two, it’s great value. I have installed this one on all my iOS devices already.

Source: App Shopper