Staples Execs Confirm They’ve Struck A Deal To Sell Apple Products



Office supply superstore Staples will beging selling Apple products soon in the United States and Canada, according to an exuberant tweet from the company’s senior vice president of global human resources, Regis Mulot. If he seems like an odd mouthpiece for such an announcement, there’s a reason for it: moments later, it was taken down.

His tweet wasn’t the only one. The deal was also confirmed by Vield Services Manager Mike Groggin, in which he admitted that “Staples just finalized a deal to begin selling Apple products.” Groggin has since protected his account, preventing people from seeing his tweets.

You can consider this news confirmed, then. The reason these guys are pulling their tweets is they spoke out of turn, and Apple is very protective of how these things get announced, and by whom.

It’s unknown what Apple products Staples will specifically be selling.

Source: BGR

  • doug_springer

    This might be news in the US, but they’ve had Apple ‘booths’ with Macbooks and dedicated salespeople in the Canadian stores for months. iPad displays have been around even longer.

  • drowsyfantasy

    Umm, what year is this article from? Staples has been selling Apple products since at least 2012, because that’s where I bought my iPad from last fall (I live in Canada).
    A quick search of reveals that they sell not only iPad, but a range of other products including Macbooks, iPod and iPhone.

  • TylerHoj

    Yeah I have like a 20-page booklet made by Staples advertising only Apple products. They’ve even got business solutions for Mac users. More recently they’ve got the same Apple ‘booths’ as Best Buy now w/ the large black pillar and glowing Apple logo. I also live in Canada, though.