Frog Orbs Brings Missile Command-Style Gaming To iOS, Now With A Valentine’s Day Cap And Magic Staff


Froggy love, anyone?
Froggy love, anyone?

If you’ve got a hankering for a Missile-Command-styled arcade action game on your iPhone or iPad without engaging any emulation or lame vector graphics, Ballpit Monster’s Frog Orbs might be the game for you. Plus, if you’re in the mood for some holiday-themed fun, you can grab a special Valentine’s heart hat for your frog, along with a staff shaped like, you guessed it, a heart.

Frog Orbs is an action-tapper starring Bufo the frog, who must save four crystal balls–standing in here for the world–from instant annihilation by wave after wave of bugs and baddies. Along the way, he’ll need to bust open some fly jars to purchase upgrades for his gear, fill up the crystals with magic juice to use the power up spells, and generally keep the ever-increasing hordes of evil insects at bay.

Sound like fun? It is if you enjoy predicting the enemy paths and tapping ahead of them with your spell bolts. It’s a fine take on the Missile Command genre, and since we don’t really get a lot of these, it’s got a chance to charm you with its cute characters and oddly compelling techno soundtrack.


Flies Store

The app itself is free, natch, but there’s also an upgrade store, where you can purchase flies, the in-game currency, to then grab potions, unlock new outfits, and the like. For the Valentine’s Day items, however, all it’ll cost you is a quick Facebook post; a gift from the developers to you.

Frog Orbs is a nice distraction, and as it’s free, you’re not hurting anyone by giving it a quick download to play for a bit to see if it works for you. And, really, what’s cuter than a frog with a heart cap and staff?

Source: App Store