Apple Hasn’t Patched Evasi0n Jailbreak In iOS 6.1.1 [Jailbreak]


evasi0n jailbreak

Apple released iOS 6.1.1 today. Interestingly, the software was only made available as a critical update for the iPhone 4S. All of Apple’s other iOS devices are still on iOS 6.1. There were bugs in iOS 6.1 relating to cellular connectivity and battery life, but the concerns were specifically related to only the 4S.

Jailbreakers will be pleased to learn that Apple has not yet patched the untethered iOS 6 jailbreak in 6.1.1. It has stayed safe through 6.1.1’s beta stage. But that doesn’t mean the jailbreak won’t be broken with Apple’s next iOS release.

One of the hackers behind the Evasi0n jailbreak, planetbeing, said that the jailbreak still works fine on the iPhone 4S running 6.1.1. An update will be made to the Evasi0n jailbreak tool so it recognizes 6.1.1 for 4S owners.

Now that 6.1.1 has been made available, Apple will likely release a 6.1.2 update of some sort in the future for all of its other devices. Sadly, it would be very shocking for the iOS 6 jailbreak to survive another update.

Source: @planetbeing