Lioncase’s NYHK Case Is As Easy On The Eye As The Retina MacBook Pro It Protects



Lioncase’s NYHK (New York Hong Kong) case for the iPad is a leather celebration of monosyllabic place names. It is also one of the lightest and slimmest cases around, and it is the one that the Lady still chooses despite the flood of test cases (pun intended) which sweep through our home.

Now the lightweight case has been expanded to fit the MacBook Pro Retina 15-inch. GONE! is the brittle iPad-holding shell (the one weak point of the original), and NEW! is the button-fastening clasp.

The slimline MacBook deserves an equally slimline case, and the NYHK is both slim and stylish, embossed with a map of roads from both cities. It comes in gray microfiber instead of fiber-lined leather, and is probably very light (there’s no weight spec on the site, but all Lion cases I have tested have been impossibly lightweight).

Price? $77, which isn’t cheap. But then, neither was your Retina MacBook Pro.

Source: lioncase