Tell Siri To Buy Fandango Movie Tickets On Your iPhone [iOS Tips]


Too bad the movie is getting awful reviews.
Too bad the movie is getting awful reviews.

Fandango is pretty cool. You can buy tickets right on your iPhone with the Fandango iOS app, send them to Passbook, and then just waltz right into the theater without stopping at the box office. Of course, you’ll still need to stop at the concessions stand, unless you’re smuggling in a bunch of wrapped candy in your coat pockets. Just sayin’.

Using Fandango is fairly easy, but Siri can make it easier still in iOS 6.1. Here’s how.

Tap and hold the Home button on your iPhone (or Siri-enabled iPod touch, or iPad, really) to activate Siri. When she asks how she can help you, say, “Buy tickets to Hansel and Gretel.” Siri will find local movie times for Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, and then direct you to buy the tickets via Fandango. Tap the time of the movie showing you’d like to see, then tap on Buy Tickets, and Fandango will launch, letting you purchase as many tickets as you’d like for that show.

A bonus tip if you’re traveling and want to see what’s playing in a town you’re not currently in–say, “Buy tickets for Hansel & Gretel in Los Angeles,” and Siri will return the same type of movie results, but with the Los Angeles, CA listings. You can tap through and purchase tickets for that theater via Fandango, easy as pie.

Via: OS X Daily