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STM Velo 2 Is The Laptop/iPad Commuter Bag You Can Take Anywhere



STM has just busted out a whole new range of tech-carrying bags, from small purse-a-likes to hefty schlep-it-all backpacks. But the one I fancy most out of the new lineup is the Velo 2, and not just because it sounds like you’re meant to use it while riding a bike.

The Velo looks almost ridiculously flexible. When closed it’s pretty low-key, looking like any other padded messenger-style bag. But open it up and you see that it has special sections for every single one of your gadgets – even your water bottle.

Round back there’s a mesh-covered flap for slotting the bag onto a rolling suitcase, along with a cross-strap for stabilizing the bag when you’re riding a bike.

Inside, though, is where it gets interesting. The main chamber has a padded laptop compartment, which can also be reached from a side-opening flap. There’s also a soft-lined iPad pocket, a pair of side pockets for your water bottle and/or umbrella (perfect for English summers) plus a zippered closure and two straps for cinching the bag securely shut.

And then we get to the front flap, which covers a section that will be a neat-freak’s dream: there are pockets and compartments for everything from pens to iPhones to power adapters, and there’s even a keychain and a place for your cards and cash.

All this and the bag still weighs just 1.1 kilos, or 2.4 pounds – not as light as my beloved Zero Messenger, but not bad for something so well endowed.

If you need to leave the house in the morning with everything you might possible need for the day, or if you’re using multiple styles of transport, then the Velo 2 might just be for you. Around $100.

Source: STM Bags