The Cable Taco Thwarts Tasty Tangles



There are plenty of tangle-wrangling, clutter-cutting, cable-tidying solutions out there, but none of them looks as delicious as this one: the Cord Taco.

$25 buys you a pack of five leather discs, which fold around your cables and snap shut with a metal button, sealing your cables into a semicircle of safety. You can choose between black or tan, and if you get stuck on a long-haul flight without an included meal, you can chew on them to stave off the hunger pains like a beef-jerky burrito (warning: don’t chew on them. Who knows what manner of noxious substances are used in the tanning process).

Available now, if you can work you how to navigate your way into the store without giving it your Facebook login details.

Source: Apartment Therapy