Tweetbot’s Latest iOS Update Brings Support For Chrome, 1Password, Flickr & Vine



Cult of Mac’s favorite iOS Twitter client, Tweetbot, has just received a sweet new update that adds link support for 1Password and Chrome, as well as embedded previews for Flickr and Twitter’s new video service, Vine.

If you prefer Chrome or 1Password to Safari, Tweetbot now makes it easy for you to specify which browser you want to open links in. If you have 1Password, you can use that app’s built-in browser to log you into sites automatically.

Embedded Flickr and Vine views are also nice. Instead of having to click a link inside Tweetbot to open up a Flickr image or Vine micro-video in Safari, you can now see a small thumbnail in-line with the rest of your Tweets.

The latest version of Tweetbot can be found now in the App Store.

Source: Tweetbot