Pocket For iOS Updated With Facebook Sharing, Improved Workflow



Pocket, the link-saving service formerly known as Read It Later, has been updated on iOS with a few new additions. Most notably, Facebook sharing has been added and tied into iOS 6’s direct Facebook integration. That means zero setup required inside the Pocket app.

A couple workflow-related improvements have also been made.

Previously, you had to back out of an article and archive it from the main Pocket window. Now you can delete an article while it’s open in Pocket by tapping and holding the “Archive” button. Pocket has a built-in browser for opening links in saved articles. You would previously have to hit the back button over and over to get back to your main list. In the latest version 4.3, you can just tap and hold the “Back” button to jump all the way out. The font size can also be increased.

Some bug fixes are also included, so be sure to grab this free update. Pocket is available as a universal download in the App Store. It’s also available for free as a standalone Mac app.

Source: Pocket Blog

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    Fabulous! I can comment now! :D ( after over a year on this site, couldn’t figure out why google mail didn’t work, Apparently I had to create and account separetely..)

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