FCC Filing Shows A Slightly Smaller Apple TV Might Be On The Way



Apple’s been surprising us left and right this week with iOS 6.1 dropping out of nowhere, and the a 128GB iPad announced today. There might be an Apple TV surprise coming in the near future too.

According to some FCC documents, Apple might release a smaller Apple TV pretty soon. The papers show an Apple TV with the same design and shape as the current generation except it’s nearly a half centimeter smaller.

The FCC documents don’t mention any other hardware changes, but as Engadget notes, measurements from previous Apple FCC filings have been spot on in the past. The model number on the new device is one that hasn’t been seen before, so it might be related to the new Apple TV device referenced in the latest Apple TV software update.

A new Apple TV device (AppleTV3,2) was discovered in the software update for Apple TV yesterday. Some speculated that the AppleTV3,2 might carry an A6 processor that could be used for gaming, which would go great with the new Bluetooth Keyboard capabilities. At this time we don’t know anything else about this smaller Apple TV, but we except we’ll find out in the upcoming months.


Source: FCC

Via: Engadget