This Is How Many Apps, Songs, Videos, Photos & Games You Can Fit On A 128GB iPad


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It's not too bad at video either: 85 SD Videos and 32 HD Videos.

When it’s released, the new 128GB will be the highest capacity yet, but what does it mean in practical terms? How many games, apps, photos, songs, and videos will the new 128GB iPad store?

We did the math. Here’s what you can fit on your new 128GB iPad.

Here’s a table breaking down, on average, how many media files you’ll be able to fit on each of the fourth-gen iPads.

Average Size (MB) 16GB iPad 32GB iPad 64GB iPad 128GB iPad
Photos 2.3 7,123 14,247 28,494 56,998
Songs 7.032 2,339 4,660 9,320 18,639
Apps 23 712 1,425 2,849 5,699
Games 60 273 546 1092 2,185
SD Video 1,536 11 21 43 85
HD Video 4,096 4 8 16 32

A word of explanation on these figures. First of all, the average file sizes are taken from a number of sources, all of which are linked. Second, the capacities of these iPads do not take into account the space the iOS operating system takes up on disk.

Even so, as you can see, the 128GB iPad can fit an absolutely astonishing amount of media: up to 64 hours of 1080p HD video, enough music to listen to for almost 40 days straight, over two thousand games and almost six thousand apps, and enough photos to open your own Getty.

The funniest thing about these numbers? Even so, there are going to be people for whom 128GB isn’t enough.

  • The_Network

    Network Pack Rats can never have to much storage.

  • JDAS

    As apps get more sophisticated, they get larger. Riven and other games can easily be one or even two gigs in size, and non-games (the WWII App, for example, or the new Yoga App) can also reach those same numbers. And art Apps are often in the half a gig range. If you add music, some vids, and your photo collections, 64 gigs is a joke. I have the 64 gig iPad 3 and 64 gig iPad Mini. Both are filled, so a 128 gig iPad is a huge improvement (and I really need double that). Note that I didn’t even mention movies, which are usually 1.5 to 2.5 gigs each. So for me, and all my iPad loving friends, all we can say about the 128 gig iPad is: “It’s about time!”

  • mikkeee

    Wow, an entire article for something that you can sum up with one sentence…. “It stores ~2x as the 64GB and costs more.”

  • darkhuntress

    As soon as they get to the Apple store I am getting one! More storage for an iPad? Who doesn’t need that!!