Apple Makes It Easy To Find Passbook Apps Again In iOS 6.1


It's a lot easier to find Passbook-friendly iPhone apps now.
It's a lot easier to find Passbook-friendly iPhone apps now.

iOS 6.1 was suddenly unleashed on the world this afternoon, and the update includes some minor updates. There’s Fandango movie ticket purchasing through Siri, LTE support for a dozens of new carriers, individual song downloading with iTunes Match, and more.

A small but notable change in 6.1 is the re-promotion of Passbook-enabled App Store apps in Passbook itself.

In iOS 6.0, a welcome message was displayed in Passbook the first time it was opened. A link would take you to a list of Passbook apps in the App Store. At the time of the first iOS 6 launch, there were few Passbook-enabled apps available to download.

Since then, the list has grown considerably. You can see them all by opening the Passbook app in iOS 6.1. Apple has added its own pass that gives a brief explanation of Passbook and re-links to the App Store list. There still aren’t a lot of Passbook apps available, but there are enough to spark interest. You can of course delete the introductory pass if you don’t want to cluttering your Passbook.

This was a good feature for Apple to re-add, because there is no real way to find Passbook apps in the App Store by just searching.

Via: GigaOm

  • CZawadzki

    No comments about the 5th gen iPod touch Update problem?

  • iDanny

    It is just me, or does that pass look like a sneak peek at Jony Ive’s UI design? It’s certainly a possibility as it’s come in a recent update, and it sure looks minimalist and very pretty.

  • HarryMoy

    Still barely any Passbook-enabled apps here in the UK. Even Odeon doesn’t support it!

  • joewaylo

    The list may have grown considerably, but it seems to be a dead stop. Most are relying on NFC, not scan my screen abilities. Apple needs to step up their game in iPhone 6 and copy the other companies like Samsung and Google. They need NFC Paycards and Bump to catch up.