AirTurn Lets You Move Sheet Music With Your Feet [NAMM 2013]


air turn 2

By Andy Patrizio

At some point or another you’ve probably seen a musician take their hands off their instrument and quickly flip a page during a live performance. Woe to them if they knock a page down off the stand.

The AirTurn BT-105 eliminates that problem by incorporating four programmable pedals that work with any iPad-based sheet music application to scroll the sheet music down so you never have to take your hands off your horn, axe or violin.

airturn 1

All four pedals are programmable. For example, pedal one can scroll down, pedal two can scroll up, pedal 3 can zoom in and pedal four and zoom out. There’s a wide variety of uses for the pedals. You can even change keys on the song, from an E7 to a C#7, or whatever tickles your fancy.

The AirTurn BT-105 is available now for $159.00