Chromatik Turns Your iPad Into a Sheet Music Book [NAMM 2013]


chromatik 1

By Andy Patrizio

One of the first industries to adopt the iPad was the airline industry, because pilots were able to trade their 50 pounds of flight manuals for one iPad that held everything and was rapidly searchable. Musicians are following on that notion, trading in paper sheet music for a 9.7” iPad screen.

Chromatik introduced its eponymous iPad sheet music app that doesn’t just display music, it lets you highlight it, annotate it, make changes and record your own changes. Everything is stored in the cloud, so it can sync with a number of other devices.

A student could plug in a recording device to their iPad, record themselves playing a song, mail that recording to the teacher, and the teacher sends back advice on problem areas and what needs work. Music can be shared one-to-one or one-to-many.

This app is widely used by pros, including the American Idol backing band. The initial product is free. Chromatic has just launched its own sheet music store, which it modeled after iTunes, where it will offer 100,000 pieces of sheet music either for free or for pay.