Woz: That Scene From The Steve Jobs Movie Never Happened



The first video clip of Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs movie just hit the Internet this morning. We were actually impressed with Kutcher in the preview, which isn’t saying much, but still.

This movie could be slightly better than we are expecting it to be, except according to Steve Wozniak himself, that scene in the preview never actually happened.

Over at Gizmodo, Woz jumped into the comments section of an article and stated that the scene is all wrong:

Not close… we never had such interaction and roles… I’m not even sure what it’s getting at… personalities are very wrong although mine is closer…

Historical accuracy doesn’t dictate whether a Hollywood biopic can be good or not, but biopics that try to cover a few decades usually suck, so we’re not very hopeful.

To read more about what Woz had to say about how he and Steve Jobs were portrayed in the preview, head over to Gizmodo to see his full comments.

Source: Gizmodo