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Apple: “There’s A Lot We Can Contribute” In The TV Space


Apple's television is still some way off.
Apple's television is still some way off.

2 million Apple TVs were bought in the last quarter, up 60% since this time last year.

During Apple’s earnings call today, Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster asked Tim Cook about future Apple TV plans yet again. Munster has been beating the Apple HDTV drum for years now, and Tim Cook has been skirting questions for just as long. Something is definitely brewing.

Today Cook reiterated to Munster that the Apple TV “remains a key area of interest,” while also noting that there’s more he wished he could say. “There’s a lot we can contribute to the space,” said Cook. “We continue to pull the string and see where it leads.” Cook has been giving that exact same answer whenever he’s intereviewd.

The rumor mill believes that Apple will do a new TV set-top box that streams live content, a full-fleged HDTV, or both. Apple will do something in the TV industry, it’s just a matter of when.