The iPhone Accounted For Two Thirds Of Verizon’s Smartphone Activations In Q4



There has been a lot of talk over the last few weeks about how Apple is failing. That the iPhone isn’t cool anymore, and that basically Apple is just too old and stubborn to be successful.

We won’t know until tomorrow how many iPhone 5s were sold last quarter, or if there’s any truth to the claims that Apple is stumbling, but if Verizon’s financial report is any indication, Apple’s probably doing just fine right now.

Verizon released the numbers for its fourth fiscal quarter of 2013, and while most of the info was pretty boring, there was one surprising bit of info – for the first time in the last five quarters, the iPhone was the most activated smartphone on the carriers network.

According to the report, Verizon activated 9.8 million smartphones and 6.2 million of those were iPhones, which equates to about two thirds of all activations, or 63.26% to be more precise. Most of the rest of the smartphones were mostly Android based with a couple Windows Phones and Blackberry’s fighting for scraps.

About half of the iPhones Verizon sold in Q4 were iPhone 5s, according to Verizon’s Chief Financial Officer, Fran Shammo. Even though Verizon recorded $30 billion in revenue, they still operated at a loss thanks to damages caused by Hurricane Sandy and one-time pension costs. To read more about Verizon’s earnings report, head over to Cult of Android where we broke it down earlier today.

Source: All Things D

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  • FriarNurgle

    Then how come we keep seeing the impressive upward trend in Android #s?

  • Adrayven

    Then how come we keep seeing the impressive upward trend in Android #s?

    Because those numbers are quoted from mfg are phones ‘shipped’ and sold to retail stores.. not end user sales. They ‘count’ theirs differently.. it’s marketing at it’s best or worst.. depends on your point of view. Android numbers do keep going up, but thats because Verizon would prefer to sell it for better margins..

    Customer is always right applies, and they wont say no to a customer either if an iPhone is what they want.