How To Hide iOS Apps Inside The Newsstand Folder Without Jailbreaking [Video]


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If you want to hide some of the apps that come pre-installed with iOS — such as Stocks, Weather, or Game Center — there’s a nifty new trick that’ll allow you to place them into the Newsstand folder. No jailbreak is required — you don’t even need a computer — and you can hide as many apps as you like. You can also open them as you normally would from inside the Newsstand folder.

Here’s how the trick works.

First discovered by Pim Oomen, and sent into iDownloadBlog, all you need for this trick to work is quick fingers — you don’t need to download any apps or visit any websites. What you do need to do is this:

  1. Place the Newsstand folder on the second page of your home screen.
  2. Place all the apps you’d like to hide inside Newsstand on the third page of your home screen.
  3. With your iPhone on that third page, press the home button once, and immediately tap and hold on the first app you’d like to hide.
  4. With your iPhone back at the first home screen, release your finger and swipe over to the second screen. If the trick worked, your icons should be wiggling.
  5. Open up the Newsstand folder and tap the home button again. The app you wanted to hide should now be placed inside Newsstand.

It may take a little practice, but it’s easy once you’ve got it. If it didn’t work, you may have been a little too slow. With step four in particular, you have to be fairly quick, or the trick doesn’t work.

iDB has put together a handy little tutorial video that may be easier to follow.

There is one caveat to this trick: if you restart your iPhone or it shuts down automatically when your battery dies, all of the icons you placed inside of Newsstand will be back on your home screen. That means you’ll have to perform all these steps again to hide your apps again. What’s more, you can’t remove apps from the folder individually; the only way to take them back out is by restarting your iPhone.

Source: iDownloadBlog

  • DonPope

    It’s sooooo easy. Here, let me try that again for the 7th time.

  • Tfr2002

    Just tried it on iPhone 4…but instead of placing the app in the Newstand, it placed it on the home screen.

  • technochick

    Given the number of times folks are likely to restart or have their iPhone drain out, this isn’t that useful as say, Apple letting folks hide them for good.

    A comment I believe I made last year when this trick was posted.

  • Darkswat

    This is amazing. Thank you so much. It worked after trying it for 10 or so minutes.

  • Scott Townsend

    Although this is clever and kudos to the discoverer, why go to all that trouble when you can just put those same apps in a folder? Yeah, putting them in Newsstand has no limit like folders do, but why bother?

    And while we’re on the folder limit topic, WTF Apple? Do you really need to limit the number of apps in a folder or apps on a screen? What is this, MS-DOS 1.0?

  • EMMMobile

    It is a very clever trick, yet I would suggest to take in mind that this can easily break in the next iOS update… I would avoid and use a classic simple folder…

  • tahmid

    No ha sido descubierto por Pim Oomen, aunque él se está atribuyendo el mérito en varios sitios, en iDownloadBlog no se lo han atribuído a él, sólo dicen que la información les llegó a través de Pim Oomen. En los comentarios de vuestra fuente lo reconoce. Hay que informarse y leer bien ántes de divulgar.