New Spicy Horse Game, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, Greenlit On Steam



You may not know Spicy Horse, but you’re sure to have heard of American McGee, its CEO, from his long association with critically acclaimed video games stretching back to Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake, and (of course) American McGee’s Alice. He subsequently built a game studio in Shanghai called Spicy Horse, which has just been given the greenlight on Steam for its new game, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters.

Steam Greenlight is a system that gets community help in choosing what games get released on Steam. Steam members vote on the various games up for the Greenlight process, with developers posting info, screenshots and video to help voters decide. Once a critical mass of votes arrives, the game is greenlit, and is then published on Steam as a new game.

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters is currently working on getting funded on Kickstarter, as well, though it’s having a bit of trouble reaching its goal of $200,000 with only $82,500 in pledges at the time of this writing. In order to get potential backers to pony up the pledges, the team set up a web version of the game in an open beta, which can be played here.

The game looks like a ton of fun, with the delightfully off-kilter black humor the studio and it’s founder are known for. It reminds me a lot of Diablo and Torchlight, with it’s isometric, top-down perspective, and town-based action RPG mechanics.

Akaneiro provides players with a free to play ARPG of depth, blended seamlessly with the speed and intensity of a pure action title. Combat is fast and unrelenting, but you can sway the tide with careful selection of abilities and equipment. A multitude of character building paths are available, though we’ve avoided being overly prescriptive, ensuring you can find the best balance of abilities and equipment for your personal play style.

Head over to the project page if you want to support the game on Kickstarter, and be sure to check out the Steam page for more information. The game should release sometime soon for Mac, PC, and possibly iOS and Android.

Source: Steam
Via: Kickstarter