Otterbox Armor Series: The ‘Toughest Case Ever Built’



$100 might seem like a crazy amount to spend on an iPhone case, but if you paid around €850 ($1,140) for an unlocked iPhone 5 like I did, then it actually seems like a pretty good investment to protect your, uh, other investment.

And coincidentally, $100 is exactly what you’ll pay for Otterbox’s Armor series case, billed as “The toughest case ever built.”

That’s a strong claim, and it gets stronger. Otterbox says that the case is completely waterproof for a half hour in water up to 6.6-feet deep. It will also withstand drops of ten feet, and laugh off crushing forces of up to two tons. And it’ll also keep out dust, all whilst looking pretty slick for such a tough customer.

The case, which will be available in February, uses o-ring seals, metal latches and all manner of sealing mechanisms to keep your iPhone safe. The only challenge is to keep your iPhone undamaged until then.

Source: OtterBox

  • Koban4max

    30 minutes? 6.6 ft? sad… I was hoping it would stay there for longer time. Crush proof? I wonder if i accidently sit on it…will it protect it?

  • JonathanRWegner

    You forgot to mention it’s almost an inch ‘thin’ ;-)

  • Andrew Newsome

    $1,140!! that’s cray!

    In Australia it’s only $999 for a 64gb iphone 5 unlocked.