We Get A “Bottoms On” With The iPotty [CES 2013]



CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – I told my co-workers that I have now officially seen it all. On the show floor, a company is showing a toddler potty with a built-in stand for the iPad. Is there anything that hasn’t been turned into an iPad accessory? Apparently not.

Available from CTA Digital this May for $39.99, the iPotty is the perfect solution for a tantrum-throwing toddler who will only sit still when watching a show or playing a game.

According to a CTA Digital sales representative, research shows that most people use their iPads in the bathroom. If adults do it, why not toddlers? I admitted to her that I sometimes talk on my iPhone while in the shower.

The iPotty has several toddler-friendly features. The iPad holder rotates for horizontal and vertical viewing. It has a touchscreen protector to save the iPad from accidental tinkle messes and little grimy hands. There’s also a splashguard specifically for little boys who need help aiming. The iPotty does not offer a potty-training app, but there are some available on iTunes.

When not being used as a potty, the iPotty has a plastic cover that can be used to convert it to a child activity seat. Hopefully this won’t confuse the child.

Potty training can be challenging for parents. Desperate parents will try anything just to get their child to sit on the potty. If the kid needs to watch Dora the Explorer to pee, let it be.

  • Jonathan Ober

    My three and five year olds inevitably have ‘dribbled’ or touched themselves while going to the bathroom and wiping…I think an iPad attached to a toilet will just add germs and sick children into the equation.

    By the way, if parenting is too hard that you have to attach a device to your iChild…please don’t have kids.

  • Atienne

    Introducing: the ipoop.

  • timdawes

    given how many people drop their phone into the toilet while using it, maybe they need an adult one of these too