Reduce Is An Awesome Photo-Resizer For iOS



Reduce is a slick and polished universal app which puts your photos on a diet. It’s aimed at photographers, but will be great for anyone who needs to shrink a lot of images, and who doesn’t hate themselves. Why? Because Reduce is the first such app I’ve tried that doesn’t make me tear my hair out.

The $2 app opens up to a thumbnail view of your photo albums. Tap photos to select them (batch processing is not only possible but easy), and use the sliders and switches to set pixel size, JPG quality (or a target file size), toggle EXIF data on and off and adjust sharpening. You can tap a little magnifying glass at any time to preview the results. Tap the Start button and the images are processed and saved to their own album in your camera roll. You can even save presets – I just added one for resizing images to 640 px for Cult of Mac uploads.

From the slide-in menus to the subtle drop shadows on the images, this app screams “quality.” And it’s only $2.

Source: iTunes Store

Via: iPhoneography