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Hands-On With The LandingZone, A Clever Docking Station For The MacBook Air [CES 2013]



CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – The venerable MacBook Pro has a number of workstation options available to it, but the MacBook Air tends to get short shrift in the B2B accessories market.

The LandingZone wants to change that, and they’re showing off a simple, attractive pair of docking stations that not only make it easy to “check in” to your workstation, but give the MacBook Air a wealth of new USB ports and security benefits.

Coming in iPod white, the LandingZone snaps onto the MacBook Air and clamps itself into your Air’s available ports by just pulling a handle. The idea here is that you would have an external display, keyboard, mouse, various other USB peripherals and even your MagSafe charger constantly connected to the LandingZone at all times. When you want to work at your desk, you pop your MacBook Air in and pull the handle; time to hit the road and you just pop it out without worrying about cables.

Another big advantage to the LandingZone is it gives you a way to secure your MacBook Air. Apple left the standard locking slot off of the Air, giving business users no easy way to secure the device by using a computer lock. The LandingZone changes that, keeping your MacBook Air locked safe in its jaws until you — and not some thief — comes by to free it.

The LandingZone comes in two different configurations. There’s a $99 base model called the LandingZone Lite that doesn’t do much more than allow you to easily dock and secure your MacBook Air. The Pro model, though, adds two more USB 3.0 ports to the mix, as well as a dedicated Ethernet port. The Lite costs $99; The Pro will run you up $199.

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